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We offer an entire range of products which help business professionals offer the best solutions for their clients. Where I can provide crucial help, for example, is with disability insurance. Disability is often complicated, and not just from a paperwork standpoint—there’s a lot to comprehend about how disability insurance actually works. There are insurance agents as well as financial planners who prefer not to fool with it, and that’s where I’m glad to be of service. I can work alongside the financial professional, acting as a team member, to illustrate exactly how the policy impacts not only the business owner, but his or her staff.

For example, take the concept of one occupation and presumptive total disability.Let’s say I’m a successful surgeon, with several thousand surgeries under my belt over a period of three decades. I have all the business I can handle, thanks to a sterling reputation. Over time, though, I develop tremors in my hands. Acting before I put anyone at risk in the operating room, I ask to be examined and learn that I have a brain tumor. While the tumor is treatable, I’m through as a surgeon—the shakes in my hands will never go away. I have no choice but to file for disability insurance, as I can no longer work in my chosen profession. However, nothing is stopping me from taking a position at a medical school and teaching, for as long as I’m physically able. What many people don’t know—and this is something I make clear to our CPA clients—is that I can still receive 100 percent of my disability benefits while continuing to do something that brings me a great deal of joy. Providing crucial information about disability insurance—and explaining clearly and patiently how it works—is only the beginning of what we do for our clients. The best of all worlds is being able to help people improve the quality of their lives, right away and over the long haul. That’s our approach every day at CPA.

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There’s so much we can do to help you, including identification of your target market, which will assure that your information and content reaches possible customers as well as anyone likely to be helped through Capital Preservation’s Agency’s vast array of services. Presentation of product is key to making that all-important first presentation, and anything with your name on it will always look absolutely top-notch. As to creation of quotes, think of them as “pull quotes” from a newspaper or magazine article; we’ll display must-read ideas, suggestions, and tidbits that your clients (and future clients) won’t forget. Technical support, of course, is crucial—if your software and technological tool chest is unreliable, there goes the confidence in you— and you can count on friendly, knowledgeable CPA personnel who act fast when there’s a problem because downtime means loss of business. All of this leads to a profitable product, which you will be able to measure from year to year as your brand becomes a household name.

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What is disability insurance?

Meet CJ Fox

Being an entrepreneur always interested me. At twenty-one I opened my own business, a bridal and formal wear shop I named after my daughter. I worked in sales with an assisted living facility, and I spent several years teaching school—including special education students—and still feel strongly about doing what I love while being able to give back to the community.

A big turning point in my life was being approached one night at an area restaurant after I was overheard saying that I’d just passed my insurance exam. That, I had decided, was my next career move, and maybe it was fate that a pair of representatives from New York Life just happened to be not only dining there, but were seated close enough to hear what I was sharing with a friend. I was asked in for an interview, wound up being licensed through New York Life, and went down a path that led me to where I am today, at Capital Preservation Agency.

The wide variety of occupations I’ve had still surprises our clients at CPA, but as I tell them, the common thread all these years has been the opportunity to help people achieve their goals and find happiness, whatever those goals may be.

Continuing Credit Education

We offer online continuing education to help licensed insurance agents satisfy their CE requirements.  These courses provide all 24 hours of CE needed to renew your license! Fulfill Your CE Requirements With Capital Preservation Agency, LLC Insurance Continuing Education.